9 de September de 2019

PPGBBE at the 10th CBMz and 10th EBEQ

PPGBBE at the 10th CBMz and 10th EBEQ (September 9-13, 2019) Professors and students of […]
16 de August de 2019

Course: Introduction to Science Education

Fiocruz offers a course on Introduction to Science Education By Valentina Leite and Flavia Lobato […]
16 de August de 2019

Funding for BBE theses and dissertations

Applications must be submitted for approval by our Program committee with the application form. Calls […]
16 de August de 2019

PNPD Post-doctorate fellowship application

Applications for the National Post-doctorate Fellowship Program (PNPD) From 8th to 12th of July 2019, for […]
10 de August de 2019

CAPES Mid-Term Seminar (2019)

Professor Claudia Russo represented PPGBBE at the CAPES Mid-term Seminar, which took place in Brasilia […]
24 de June de 2019

Participation in a course in Panama

Em junho e julho de 2019, duas alunas do PPGBBE participaram do curso “Understanding relationships […]
10 de June de 2019

Every day is Darwin’s day

In June 2019 we organized the “Every Day is Darwin Day” Meeting. Talks on evolution […]