Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology

Evolution is a central theme in the Biological Sciences and our motivation to create the Graduate Program in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology was to foster a rich academic environment that would allow researchers to integrate traditional concepts and cutting-edge technology to solve evolutionary questions. Our program obtained a seal of approval from CAPES (Education Ministry Brazil) in December 2010. Prospective candidates for master's and doctoral programs may apply for annual or semi-annual selection processes. The selection process includes curriculum analysis, a presentation followed by an interview of the research project to be developed, an English test and, in the case of Master’s program, an Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology exam.

Graduate Program in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology

Selection Process of 2019-2

Applications closed

On this page you will find: selection releases (current and previous); CV model; Term of Commitment; Application form; Date and times for entries, tests and interviews, as well as the program and the recommended basic bibliography for the test.

New Applicants